“Motionless” by Jason Price Everett

one arrived and didn’t really expect anyone to meet us but she was standing there with a car and we were really happy to see her she had a broken neck and it was in a brace dinner had oranges and champagne and a steak sandwich which was atrocious felt itchy and found a crab looked for more up at seven for the flight tired packed showered looked for crabs he’d gotten us second class seats we were really mad the plane had to stop and lots of people got on read a book about a homosexual husband very boring there was a celebrity on the plane up front with bodyguards in an even further front cabin took a pill fell asleep woke up when the plane was landing two arrived eleven late at night met at the airport by some girl from the council for culture who’d arranged the show they made us drink some strange coffee at the airport up at ninethirty breakfast toast and tea we were taken to a place that looked like some dump but then everything here does and it wasn’t until days later that we realized it had been a happening place outside the sun was hot with a lot of cars going by big american cars they gave us two cars but we only used one went back to the hotel to try to buy crab lotion at four had to meet the culture girl again went to marketplace for local color ladies in black hiding their faces big bazaar it got very cold spent time looking for antiques but there are none here just a few old pots from a couple of years ago we were the only foreigners in the marketplace three went to that girl’s gallery had some more of the sweet funny coffee they offer you all the time it gets on your nerves we didn’t know that if you don’t shake your cup they keep pouring it in bought five copies of the local newspaper typeface beautiful went to different drugstores looking for crab lotion to hotel ordered dinner before dinner the people we were having dinner with sent a silver cadillac limousine arrived at his house was on the coast a little out of town the land there was really expensive he made it expensive by moving there they don’t serve hard liquor or beer or anything it’s against the law but the rich ones have some jack daniels or something really good sex and girls a rich collector fat had a lot of paintings around on the wall one sort of big one lots of male friends there most in costume a couple of wives they had drinks there also only the rich remember a big spread on the table the other men looked fat but usually in costume you couldn’t tell too much but this one was fat he was wearing a diamondstudded watch with a blue face the food was greasy roast lamb four bought crab soap at eight we were picked up by the cultural attache and taken to see an ambassador who was giving us a dinner his wife talked so much it rendered us sterile dinner served at ten left at twelve midnight bored used the crab soap it didn’t work fell asleep in the bathtub in bed couldn’t sleep up after restless night at nine urgent calls we were always late because it was always so boring we weren’t in a hurry visited an artists’ atelier three artists in each room this time tea or orange soda visited each stall not one original style they sit on the floor and paint on rugs and pillows it looked like streetwares like the sixties it was the only nicely designed building there because it was a copy of another building elsewhere got a tour of the building the man said it was very indigenous five picked up at fourthirty for the opening of the exhibition in the arts council hall had to meet the minister of state there have that name written down but maybe that name goes with somebody else a lot of tv and press were there went to the exhibition for a tea party and had to drink more tea and then we were invited by the ambassador to drop by again his daughter was there she was seventeen and drew cartoons about talking cigarettes she was cute and funny had her father’s chin which was no chin left for dinner at the culture girl’s house there were tons of people the best party the whole trip she had eight or ten brothers and a mother and sisters and all the men dance together the food was really good had to stay until everybody left six in the morning early flight five and a half hours read the paper someone inaugurated somewhere disgusting drunks on the plane airport empty disorganized hotel suite wasn’t ready so we had to have lunch in the dining room had the suite man ray stayed in right before he died he’d had a big opening right before up at ten staying at his apartment we went to the fashion show they gave us a good seat and lots of attention the show was awful based on this artist’s series of selfportraits one dress was worth two million or something and the best thing about it was the armed guards around it and then next day a visit to the national museum seven there’s no history to this place it goes back twentyfive years there were like eight rooms one had three coins in the whole room there was one room that alexander left some pots in alexander the great three pots and four coins a room with yesterday’s clothing more coffee with the director just sat there there was nothing to do carred over to see the secretary for the council for culture for more tea and coffee and ceremony dirty handprints on the walls as if they killed somebody and it was a work of art or something guys standing around and everybody says the same subroutine where are you staying how long have you been here how long will you be here when are you leaving when are you coming back?

– Jason Price Everett, Transfictions (upcoming)

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Jason Price Everett was born in Orlando, Florida in 1972. He was educated at Lafayette College, Cornell University and the University of Paris. He has held twenty-six different positions of employment to date, one of the more recent being that of English professor at a university in Xian, China. His first book, Unfictions, was released by 8th House Publishing in 2009. Hypodrome, selections from 1999-2010, will be forthcoming from 8th House at this link.

Everett’s work has appeared over the years in such diverse publications as Si Senor, Hubris, CRIT Journal, The Mad Hatters’ Review, BITEmagazine, Writers Notes Magazine, Farmhouse Magazine, The Quarterly Review, The Prague Literary Review, City Writers Review, Riverbabble, The Maynard, Underground Voices, BLATT, The Alchemy Review, Carcinogenic Poetry, hardbrackets, KGB Bar Lit Magazine and Revue Mètropolitaine. He currently lives in Montreal.

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