Resulting from the letter d


Stretched paper. Photo originally published in the American Physical Society’s Physics here,
27 August 2010

Don’t type the letter d
into a Google search.
You’re liable to have your screen dissolve
into particle fields
and unpredicted cosmological effects,
appearing and disappearing quixotically
in whitepapers organized “phenomenologically.”

“Solar chameleons” and “quasidegenerate neutrinos” will dart into your dura mater,
(don’t doubt)
and you will find yourself in hypnopædic reverie
in re “doped helium droplets,” “constraining weak annihilation using semileptonic D decays”
and “Anomalous Like-Sign Dimuon Charge Asymmetry”
addressing, “that is… the puzzle of why there is so much
so much!
so much
… and so little antimatter.”
Who knows?
With repetition and rewiring
you could come to grasp these BIG IDEAS
– even better than winning at darts!

And if you like op-ed, a viewpoint is presented
on “confined liquid controversies” (“near closure?”),
explaining why, at last,
you hope,
it’s so hard for you to come anymore.

There’s even something on the elasticity of paper:
Curious physicists have found
– in Finland
that it stretches unevenly
– in Finland!
(with implications for matter “as diverse as glaciers and light-bulb filaments”),
from which they draw inferences about
(italics mine) distress.

Any poet worth a dash of salt could’ve told them that.

* * *

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