de rerum natura

(which, loosely translated, refers either to the nature of things,
or else encompasses the entire universe)

We can learn a lot from natural phenomena.
Take, for example, electricity and animal magnetism,
so that when two bodies attract,
their arboreal tattoos map concentrated lightning.

As alluded to above,
these forces are so feral
that chanters and lyrists
must repeat murmured rumors
using their tongues,
speaking of certain emotions
that charm certain salts
that discharge certain axons
that beat certain tom-toms;
therefore we blush.

Not really.
Moaners moan, and wailers, well,
these acts occurring,
like orgasms, electrical storms,
or magnetic disturbances on the surface of the sun,
obedient, most certainly,
to nature’s nether laws.

Not really.
When two attract, I daresay,
the entire cosmos stands struck, dumb.
Perhaps nature can learn a thing
or two
from this phenomenon.

* * *

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