“Made in Walla-Walla” by Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

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Mojito. © 2010 Jeffrey Cyphers Wright.

* * *

Speak to me then, Gray Wolf
Let the moon hurl its guts across the sky
Ducks huddle-bobbing on glass river glance
No gate to stay forever shut
Unconsumed by the present I present the now
The Dusters tonite at Mongrel Hall
Let’s get hammered, Thor
Have the forlorn hopes ready to advance
Stand to, me bonny lads
Hold the line right steady
Dreamt no time to remove clown make-up
I woke, pinioned to the rack
Enslaved by the détournement of jouissance

Jeffrey Cyphers Wright

* * *

Jeffrey Cyphers Wright is a poet, publisher of the literary journal Live Mag!, critic, collage artist and eco-activist involved in the community gardens of New York City.

* * *

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