“Elephant Ride” by Gabriella Radujko

Full moon puja procession, Peedam, India. Photo © 2010 Gabriella Radujko.

An elephant ride
is neither bumpy,
nor frightening

The hips, you see,
form figure eights
atop the wide saddle
which fits anybody
as well as somebody

In doing so,
the legs clutch the ribs of the beast
as naturally as the thumb and forefinger
come together to signal “okay”

And as the animal’s legs
rise and fall in sync with the breathing
of the rider,
the head materializes as conductor
whose devotee, the trunk,
directs the seemingly skeleton-less
grey giant forward in time,
minus baton

It is an out and around
and back again motion
An up and down and
left to right song

Soon I ride with a smile
that seesaws with the rock of my head
Timing my wink for the heavens
with the rising heat of the elephant
as it meets mine

– Gabriella Radujko

* * *

Gabriella Radujko received an MLIS from Rutgers University and has worked for libraries as diverse as the Cipriani Club 55 Library in New York and the Sri Narayani Vidhyalaya School Library near Vellore, India. Her recent poems appear in The Rutherford Red Wheelbarrow Anthology, Volume 3, 2010.

* * *

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