Alphabetical Poetry Index

April gift
bird to beech
de rerum natura
Emperor Qin’s ironic demise (the physics of heat)
horn of plenty
How much
Imprint (Palliative)
Janus, gazing (Newport Newyear)
La lune est faite de lait, ce soir
louche riddle
Mons veneris
My Marble Valentine
Nabokov’s Interim, or Nezahualcoyotl’s flowersong
Ode to a Poetess
Oh (Art Schooling)
On reading “Capturing The Light Of Dawn”
Pater Polonius
Puella, Laboranda
Raleigh, Rebutted
Repository (What she left behind / sent ahead, and where)
Resulting from the letter d

Reverie of Hair
Songbird Proposition
Sphinx, Redux and Angel
Summer winds down
The Old Man, again
the pogue (water haiku)
The Purpose of Time
the white day (round)
The worship of gold in a public place
Three Wherefores
two friends’ day
Vermeer’s mistress
wishes and rain
your life, in appliance billing units
Your Majesty

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Third Party Poetry Index

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